Hidden special Blossom walks in the land of Israel.

Short walks and tours to the best spots in Israel where you can experience Wildflowers Blossom. The tours are usually a combination of historical, biblical, or archeological sites that are located in an area that is also home to a rich and unique wildflower blossom and other flora. Since blossom is a very seasonal phenomenon, each tour is dedicated to a month of the year. Each month we will add another tour until all the 12 months will be represented. We hope too that in this way we can expose more tourists and English speaking residents the magic of Israel's wildflower world.
These tours offer a unique way to connect deeper to Israel's history, heritage and people.

Translations to English courtesy of Erez Speiser from Israel by Foot


 Exploring the wildflowers at the Israeli coastline – A farewell from the Summer vacation


 Summit Trail at mount Meron Autumn time


To "Hirbet Mealch" (Salt Ruins) in autumn and early winter


 Tzora Forest' walking in Samaon's footspeps 


 A trip to the Rosh Ha'ayin Forest


To Nes-Ziona to the blossom of Dark-purple Iris- mid february


To the blossoming of Lupines in Tel Sokoh (Turmus Hill)


 To the Coral Peony at Mount Hillel


To the Monfort Fortress


To Ein Afeck - hiking on the water trails


To the "Hanging" trail on the Banias River


  Cool off in the springs of the southern Golan

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