Allergenic plants

It is estimated that about 150,000 people in Israel suffer from various allergies. Pollen is one of the common reasons of such allergies caused by certain proteins in the pollen grain carried in the air. The sensitivity to every allergen depends upon the patient's genetic background and previous exposures to the allergen. Many of the allergenic plants are wind pollinated whose pollen may be carried by the wind to great distances but some are pollinated by insects as well.

The list below includes the plants that are known to be allergenic. It is advised to consult a medical specialist in any case of suspected allergy. Anybody who was diagnosed by an allergologist as being allergic to a certain plant species is advised to avoid staying in the area where these plants grow at their blooming time and use preventive medications according to the doctor's instructions.

The list of allergenic plants is presented here for the benefit of all those who suffer from such allergies. Monthly forecast of allergenic blooms can be found at the website of The Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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