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Trees in KKL-JNF Forests

Welcome to the guide for trees and bushes in KKL-JNF forests.

We are pleased to launch this new guide on the occasion of International Forests Year and in honor of KKL-JNF's 109th year of activities on behalf of people and the environment.

Forests and parks were not always part of Israel's landscape. The first Jewish pioneers who came to the land of Israel towards the end of the twentieth century found a desolate land that provided no shade whatsoever.
During the 109 years of its existence, KKL-JNF planted over 240,000,000 trees on an area of about one million dunam. Today, KKL-JNF is the only organization in Israel that is responsible for afforestation, as stipulated in the covenant signed between KKL-JNF and the state of Israel.

KKL-JNF plants a variety of trees in Israel's forests – conifers, deciduous trees and fruit trees. Some of the trees are indigenous to this region and some are species that were brought to Israel from other countries.

We invite you to look for information either by means of the complete list of the trees, or to search for a specific name of a bush, family, color or species.
photo: Dennis Zinn
Papua New Guinea Pilgrims Plant Olive Trees in the Galilee
"We the people of Papua New Guinea stand firmly behind the Nation of Israel, because we know that without them, we as Christians will cease to exist.”
photo: Tania Susskind
Forest of Life Planted by IDF Orphans in Lower Galilee
"My husband was laid to rest in the earth, and now we are planting trees in the earth and feeling the connection to the land that he gave his life for.”

Mastic tree, Lentisk
Mastic tree, Lentisk
Illyarrie, Red-capped gum, Helmet nut gum
Illyarrie, Red-capped gum, Helmet nut gum

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