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15,000 Olive Trees in Ixmiquilpan Hidalgo, México
A special gift from KKL Mexico to the community of Ixmiquilpan Hidalgo bears fruit for generations to come.
photo: Sasson Tiram
KKL-JNF Archive
Guatemala President Plants Tree in Grove of Nations in Jerusalem
"Planting this tree in Jerusalem not only strengthens the ties of friendship between Guatemala and Israel, but also expresses our hope for a better world."
photo: KKL-JNF Archive
A Chilean Study Tour Starring the Israeli Pine Nut
“Here KKL-JNF are like magicians of hope, to plant trees where almost no one can plant is marvelous."
photo: Courtesy of Israel
Consulate, Cote d'Ivoire
MIERA Community of Abidjan to Plant 1,000 Trees in Israel
"J'aime Israël"- Sending love and friendship to Israel from the Côte d' Ivoire
photo: Tania Susskind
Western Negev Forest Dedicated in Memory of Sir Zelman Cowen
"The family is very glad that our father's memory is perpetuated here, in a forest in Israel's Negev, where the desert is being greened."
photo: Yoav Devir
Georges Touboul Memorial Grove Dedicated in Yatir Forest
"This nation is all about love.”
photo: Yoav Devir
Deep Roots of Friendship between the Czech Republic and the State of Israel
“A tree symbolizes a life that has become actualized, and everyone should plant a tree at least once in his or her life.”
photo: Yoav Devir
Collecting Pine Seeds to Grow Saplings
It all begins with a small pinecone.

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