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photo: KKL-KNF Archive
Religious Leaders from 3 Faiths Plant Trees in Israel for Peace
45 religious leaders from Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Argentina plant carob trees at the Yad Kennedy Memorial Planting Center.
photo: Yoav Devir
Farmers from Serbia Plant Trees in Nachshon Forest
"Israeli know-how can contribute to Serbia and many other countries in the world."
photo: Dudu Grinshpan, KKL-JNF Photo Archive
The Forest for the Jewish Argentine Woman in the Negev
“We are proud of being women and of being Argentineans, and women have a very important role to play and a place here.”
Tania Susskind
Top UN FAO Officials Visit KKL-JNF Forests in Semi-arid Regions
"Yatir is not just about a forest. It's a combination of farmers, local residents, tourism, archaeology, Jews and Bedouins, so it's also about how they can all live together in a sustainable way."
photo: Tania Susskind
Urban Tree Planting in Tiberius Marks Tu Bishvat Holiday
"The Bible compares people to trees, and if we understand how important trees are for life on this planet, we will care for them just as we care for ourselves."
photo: Yoav Devir
Israel-China Friendship Forest Inaugurated in the Negev
“The nations of China and Israel should continue working hard in order to make their countries better places.”
photo: Yoav Devir
KKL-JNF Foresters Evaluate Storm Alexa Damages
“The main thing is to ensure the safety of the roads, trails and recreation areas; as far as the forest itself is concerned, it’s best to wait and see how well the trees manage to recover on their own."
photo: Tania Susskind
Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Grove Dedicated in Dudaim Forest
"We believe that since the community is our profit base, we also should also give back to society."

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