Carmel blossom Carmel blossom Only One Carmel - just in Israel
Carmel blossom Israel wildflowers website and KKL-JNF invite you to get to know the flowers that will soon blossom again in the Carmel Forests. The unprecedented recent Carmel forest fire destroyed the plants aboveground. But, hidden beneath the ground surface are the sources of plant renewal that are awakening after the first rains. KKL-JNF Carmel rehabilitation efforts will help to revive nature in this region. Together, we will bring color back to this beloved landscape. Click on the pictures to receive a complete description of the plant.
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Palestine Oak   Rough Bindweed   Bristly Hollyhock Rape of Cistus Soft-Hairy Rockrose   Narbonne Star-of-Bethlehem  St.John's-wort Drone Bee-Orchid  Ophrys bornmuelleri  Hairy Pink Flax Phoenician Romulea Aleppo Pine Betony Roughfruit Corn Bedstraw Bulbous Crane's-Bill Steven's Meadow-saffron   Wild Hyancinth Palestine Iris Sumac  Tall Wild Pea Eastern Strawberry Tree Carmel Poppy Mt. Tabor Oak Syrian Bindweed   Glandular celsia Spanish Broom Palestine woundwort Creeping Pipevine   Aleppo Adonis Littleseed canarygrass  Virgin's Bower Shell flower Help Restore the Carmel Genista fasselata  Terebinth Long-Leaf Helleborine Golden  Drop Syrian Bear's-breech Phoenician Romulea Jew's Myrtle Egyptian Honesty   Sweet Virgin's Bower Judas Tree  Tall Wild Pea אפון קיפח Eastern Strawberry Tree Nerved-Calyx Stachys   Carmel Bee-Orchid Jerusalem Spurge Syrian Bear's-breech African Rue kkl-jnf wildflowers of Israel דבורנית דינסמור Steven's Meadow-saffron   Wild Hyancinth   Bulbous Crane's-Bill Shell flower Yellow Bee Orchid Long brake   Italian Honeysuckle   Pink Butterfly Orchid Palestine woundwort  Virgin's Bower Pyramidal Orchid  Rampion Bellflower Punctate orchid  Violet Limodore Common Centaury Red everlasting Madonna Lily Help restore the Carmel